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James Bacon - James Baranowski James Barba - James Baseman James Bash - James Beasley James Beason - James Belton James Beltran - James Bertram James Bertrand - James Binkley James Binns - James Blea James Bleakley - James Boice James Boisvert - James Borton James Bortz - James Bracewell James Bracey - James Breidenstein James Brekke - James Brocklehurst James Brockman - James Bucher James Buchholz - James Burke James Burkes - James Byrnes James Byrns - James Campos James Canada - James Carmody James Carmon - James Castleberry James Castleman - James Champagne James Champion - James Choate James Choe - James Clem James Clemens - James Cohen James Cohn - James Conley James Conlin - James Corning James Cornish - James Cowen James Cowgill - James Croal James Croce - James Cullins James Cullison - James Dakin James Dale - James Deacon James Deadwyler - James Delgado James Delia - James Dettman James Detwiler - James Dillman James Dillon - James Dolvin James Doman - James Draeger James Drago - James Duncan James Duncanson - James Eames James Eanes - James Egerton James Egger - James Engel James Engelbrecht - James Eveland James Evens - James Farquharson James Farr - James Fergus James Ferguson - James Fisher James Fishman - James Fomby James Fondren - James Frank James Franke - James Fulghum James Fulk - James Gallimore James Gallion - James Gatling James Gattis - James Gettys James Getz - James Gittens James Giuliani - James Goodfellow James Goodhart - James Gravitt James Gray - James Groome James Grooms - James Guzman James Guzzi - James Hallihan James Hallinan - James Hansel James Hansen - James Hartle James Hartley - James Haws James Hawthorn - James Heinen James Heinrich - James Hermes James Hern - James Hilleary James Hiller - James Hoelscher James Hoey - James Honea James Honey - James Howie James Howington - James Huntley James Huntsman - James Irving James Irwin - James Jeans James Jeffcoat - James Judy James Juergens - James Kearney James Kearns - James Keohane James Keough - James Kimbrell James Kimbro - James Klett James Kleven - James Koopman James Kopchuk - James Kuhn James Kuhns - James Lamb James Lambdin - James Larocco James Laroche - James Layman James Layne - James Leitz James Leiva - James Liberty James Licari - James Little James Littlefield - James Loper James Lopes - James Lum James Lumley - James Macko James Maclachlan - James Malloy James Malm - James Margraf James Mariani - James Masten James Master - James Mcafee James Mcaleer - James Mccolley James Mccollough - James Mcfarlin James Mcfaul - James Mckeever James Mckellar - James Mcneil James Mcneill - James Meeks James Meenan - James Metcalf James Metcalfe - James Mings James Minick - James Montalvo James Montana - James Mostyn James Mote - James Munley James Munn - James Nau James Naughton - James Newson James Newton - James Normand James Normandin - James Offield
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